are you stuck at home and your cash reserves are disappearing?

Do you have digital skills to EARN from your bedroom in a lockdown?

Learn the business of design landing pages and sales funnels and EARN during and after COVID-19

In this era of COVID-19 and social Distancing, every Business Needs a solid online presence

Social media pages aren’t enough. They are just one component in the chain of automated online marketing. In the days following the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic it has become clear to everyone that

Being online is not an option

It is the only way

If this isn’t obvious to you then check this out

 Personally, the number of requests I have received to build websites in this season has increased massively.

The number of people who have bought my mini-course on designing one-page websites has increased.

People are realizing that they need websites. This is a game changer.

The Big Question is:
Do you have the skills to take your business or that of others online?

this is what this course is all about?

This course is a 2-day live online session where Ugochukwu Nkwocha, the CEO of 9jacodekids Academy will teach you how to create landing pages and sales funnels fast with WordPress, the World’s No. 1 Content Management System. The class will hold on Thursday, April 16th and Friday, April 17th, 4 Hours Daily from 5pm to 9pm

What Will I be Able to Do With WordPress?

All without writing a single line of code

Need time to think about this? that's OK. But time is limited.

You have until midnight 9th, April 2020 to Grab this offer at the discounted price of N10,750. After that it reverts to the full price of N16,125

The Clock is ticking


Here's What The Course Will Cover

This course is for absolute beginners, no coding skills required but you must have basic knowledge of how to navigate the computer and be passionate about grabbing the opportunities in the tech industry and solving problems for other

About the instructor

Ugochukwu Nkwocha

Hi, I’m Ugochukwu Nkwocha. The founder of Skillsrave and 9jacodekids Academy, two ed-tech startups focused on teaching technology skills to adults and children. I passionately believe that tech skills are the way to secure the future of our lives, businesses and even our country and continent. Without tech skills you will become extremely vulnerable in this difficult times.

Join me on this course as we take a journey of discovering the power of technology.